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Our Firm

Our Mission
When an individual or family needs an attorney, it is usually due to a difficult and often stressful situation that they find themselves in. We understand that human element when we represent a client. Although the law is complex, fairness and doing what is right is simple and easy to understand. We have a combined 52 years of experience to handle complex cases for individuals and their families and to get results for those who have been injured or wronged in some way. We are proud of the fact that we have consistently been able to successfully litigate cases for our clients to achieve what is right and fair on their behalf.

Primary Areas of Practice

Personal Injury/Wrongful Death
Personal injury and wrongful death cases are often much more complex than they may at first appear. Unfortunately, those that are responsible for injuring others in accidents rarely accept full responsibility for those injuries. Often times, people who have been hurt by others' mistakes are made to feel as though they are to blame and at fault. It is our obligation to stand up to such ones on behalf of each one of our clients and hold those who should take responsibility accountable for our client's losses. Beyond that though, we believe we are different than most other attorneys who handle these cases for one main reason--because we care. Our clients become like members of our own family and we advocate solely for each client as an individual. Each client's situation is unique and we do whatever it takes to make sure that they get the help they need and the best possible result.


Trusts, Estates and Probate
The loss of a loved one is devastating. Planning for one's death can also be intimidating and something that few want to think about. For decades, we have worked with individuals and families to provide them peace of mind in the planning for and the preservation of their estate which they have worked so hard to attain. We also assist surviving family members to navigate the complex probate laws and obtain the most efficient and stress-free transfer of assets possible.


Will Contests, Trust and Estate Litigation
Our strong litigation background combined with our expertise and experience in probate law allows us to represent clients in all areas of trust and probate litigation including will and trust contests based on fraud, mistake, lack of capacity, undue influence elder abuse and other similar areas of probate litigation.



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